Our Amazing Team

We have a range of faculty, staff and scholars that work in our ideation space. Our team is composed of professionals ranging from PhD candidates to undergraduates.

Greg Heileman

Professor & Vice Provost

Chaouki Abdallah

Professor & Provost

Christopher Lamb

Research Assistant Professor

Jarred Kozlick

IDI Director

Elias Lopez

Software Project Manager

Michael Hickman

Lead Software Developer

Kevin Warne

Lead Software Developer

Wisam Al-Doroubi

Programmer Analyst

Luke Merry

Lead Software Developer

Ricardo Piro-Rael

Jr. Technical Lead

Ahmad Slim

Lead Researcher

Luis Valbuena

UAV Researcher

Alan Cañedo

Software Developer

Tushar Ojha

Software Developer

Supraja Chaganaboina

Software Developer

Divya Jangili

Software Developer

Michael Darling

Software Developer & Researcher

Bhanu Rayini

Software Developer

Many of our students work in Research Assistant positions as well as Teaching assistant positions.