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The Institute of Design & Innovation was created by the Office of Academic Affairs in response to the direction of the president and the board of regents. IDI shows that we can respond quickly to the new realities of higher education, and has allowed us to nimbly and effectively reallocate and target our intellectual resources towards solving problems faced by UNM and other universities.

There is a push nationwide to use data and analytics to better understand the issues that impact student academic success, with the intent of informing improvement efforts in higher education. IDI is at the forefront of this movement and its capabilities and products makes UNM the envy of most colleges.


We regularly publish in a variety of leading journals and conference proceedings

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Complex Networks

Our work employs complex networks theories to ease the education improvement analysis.

Machine Learning

We have many publications that utilize machine learning techniques to solve and analyze hidden information in raw data problems.

Cloud Computing

We employ cloud computing in most of our applications, we also have a lot of publications in this field that can be found in our publications list.

Our Amazing Team

We have a range of faculty, staff and scholars that work in our ideation space. Our team is composed of professionals ranging from PhD candidates to undergraduates.

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Chaouki Abdallah

Provost Emeritus

Terry Babbitt

Vice Provost of Enrollment & Analytics

Don Hush

Research Advisor

Greg Heileman

Faculty Emeritus

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University Advisement & Enrichment Center
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